Boy Lost 75% of His Eyesight After Playing With THIS Common Toy!

Kids, one way to describe them, always up to something. Very curious and stubborn, nearly every time getting themselves in trouble. Exploring and playing in their surroundings, they always end up with bruises, cuts or scrapes. But hey, that’s how kids grow, right? Well, as much as playtime seems harmless followed with some “little injures”, there’s always a chance that something can go the wrong way in a matter of seconds. Check out this crazy story proving that after all, we really need to be careful what our kids choose as a toy and how they use it!


For an example, laser pointers are very common as toys, parts of toy guns or rocket ships, even used for entertaining the pets. Usually really fun! But this boy’s playtime experience with laser pointers is a clear proof that there’s always a place for serious and bigger damage.

Meet Johnny Marshall, an eight year old boy, who was in his sister’s school fair with his parents. He saw a laser pen at one of the vendor booths and started begging for it. His parents at first didn’t wanted to buy it, but what harm could it possibly have? So they gave in and bought him the toy.

Johnny was playing with his new toy around the house, when he came with and idea, to shone the laser into his own eyes because of curiosity. This is very common among kids. Within a quarter of a second, he ended up with a thermal burn and permanent damage to his retina.

There are many guilty sides here, but the biggest lies in the country policy and safe limits. Johnny’s mother, Angela Marshall, says that “… If it had been within the UK regulations, it wouldn’t have done the damage, but unfortunately, it had been imported, and therefore it was a class 3B laser, which is between 5 and 500 milliwatts.” The Class 3B lasers with a range of 5-500 milliwatts causes serious damage to the eye within a second, even from a long distance (100meters-330 feet). Johnny doesn’t experience any pain, thankfully, but 75% of his vision is gone and he’ll be limited with 25% of his sight for the rest of his life!

Here are some useful tips if you own a laser point at home (especially if you have kids or pets):

Don’t use laser pointers without labels – Imported lasers are  more dangerous because they are higher-powered.

Don’t point laser beams at faces or eyes – Laser beams can damage the retinas.

Don’t hold a laser beam on skin – A powerful laser pointer can be felt on the skin, causing burning to that person.

Don’t point laser pointers at an aircraft – Even a lower-powered laser pointer can travel up to 2.2 miles. Shining a pointer at an aircraft is extremely dangerous, for you and for the people in the aircraft.

Don’t point laser pointers at automobiles – Laser pointers can cause temporary blindness or blind spots.

Don’t point lasers at animals – It’s very easy to accidentally shine the beam into the animal’s eyes, so it’s better if you don’t use a laser beam to “play” with animals.

Don’t give laser pointers to children – Children do not understand the dangers of laser pointers, so it’s best to always keep them away from kids.